Here are some testimonials from my speaking and coaching engagements.

Amy Rowlinson, Podcast Mentor and Host.

I have had the ongoing pleasure of working alongside Andrew in a small business-focused professional speakers’ mastermind since October 2020 and his unwavering passion for his work shines through every time he speaks about his mission. Andrew was a guest on episode 152 of my podcast, Focus on WHY, and he shared his personal journey of how a late diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome at 51 has changed the course of his life. Andrew is now working with employers to help them to engage with and encourage their Asperger’s superheroes which in turn not only benefits the individuals but the businesses too.

Andrew’s podcast episode created an incredible ripple effect of people reaching out and sharing their stories. Hearing Andrew speak about hidden potential inspired others to speak up, to be understood and to ask more ‘what if?’ questions.

Andrew is a captivating professional speaker who uses his negative experiences of being bullied in the workplace to raise positive awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome to encourage others to thrive. I highly recommend working with Andrew to understand and focus on what people are able to do, to improve productivity and to ask the questions no one else is thinking. Engage with Andrew to understand what superpowers you could unleash in your business.

ADHD Parent Support Group West Glasgow

Andrew provides great personal insight into growing up with undiagnosed ASD, and finally having a diagnosis in adulthood. He describes the challenges he faced in family life, his personal life, education and work. He does so with humour but the messaging remains clear and there is poignancy throughout.

He also captures the strengths and advantages that ASD has brought to him and can bring to others.

His story is an important one for us all to remember and tells us why and how we must do better for neurodivergent people.

Morag Shaw – The Enlightened Innovator 5 Nov 2020

Yesterday, I had an extremely interesting and useful conversation with Andrew Marsh.
During a recent listening skills workshop that I ran, questions were raised by non-neurotypical individuals than I felt unqualified to answer. So, I reached out to Andrew, knowing his expertise on managing people with Asperger’s Syndrome.
My key take away from the conversation was that the many of the strategies that are most effective in helping people on the spectrum, to function at their best and show their superpowers, are also what I would regard as essential management and leadership behaviours.
It reinforced my belief in the importance of developing people-centred management and leadership skills, especially in technical teams where there is (I believe) a higher likelihood of a team member being on the spectrum.
If you have anyone in your team who you know is (or even suspect may be) on the autistic spectrum and are frustrated at not getting the best from their talents, than I recommend you speak with Andrew for some practical, easy to implement strategies, from someone who understands first-hand the impact and benefit they will have to ALL members of the team.